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Presenting: Ryan Medel

November 11, 2012

I shot Ryan for a magazine story earlier this year but I have been itching to work with him again and shoot him the way I had envisioned! Ryan was fantastic at the shoot and his shots are just as great. Here is one of them.

Ryan Medel by Syed Kazmi

Ryan Medel by Syed Kazmi



Back to the 70’s

June 18, 2011

I recently had a chance to work with stylist Tonya Carter-Ayer on a fantastic shoot featuring Arianne of Fusion Models. The idea of the shoot was to have a very 70’s, almost nostalgic, feel. We shot around the Meatpacking District with the help of two great make up and hair artists. It’s something new for me and I am extremely excited to premiere these shots!

Presenting: Aleksandra Semechkina and Sunghee Kim

April 25, 2011

A couple of months ago I decided to start working on the final projects for my thesis. Many ideas came to me, some of which I could do and others I had to sacrifice due to problems such as weather, etc. I did the first two shoots and they came out amazing but some time right after my second shoot, I remembered a shoot idea that I had been thinking about for well over a year and never had the chance to do. Those are the images in my previous post.

Around the same time I had seen a dress that had left me speechless. It was designed by a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and it was absolutely mesmerizing. I knew I had to shoot it somehow. I had no way of reaching her so I got her name and took a shot of the dress to remember it. I managed to track her down online (creepy huh!) and got in touch with her. She happily agreed to do the shoot and I was absolutely ecstatic. Her name is Sunghee Kim.

However, in order to shoot this dress, I needed an amazing model who could capture the essence of the dress and play a part in it. After a  grueling and headache inducing search for a girl, I finally found a model. The model ended up booking a job to my dismay but with it came a blessing in disguise: Aleksandra Semechkina. I have worked with dozens of models, but she has been one of the best. She blew me away with her movement and character.

I am so happy and lucky to have worked with these two ladies. I am so proud of this shoot. Here are some more shots I took of Aleksandra wearing a Sunghee Kim original!

Also, many thanks to Danielle Klatsky and Maggie Joseph for make up and hair (respectively) and Eric at Major!