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Zaga Skerletovic @ Ford Models NYC

October 29, 2012

After a mini hiatus from shooting due to vacationing and prepping, I finally did some amazing shoots and I am SO excited to share them with everyone. And I thought, hey…what better time to do it then when Sandy is coming. Here is one of the shots featuring the extremely beautiful and lovely Zaga from Ford Models. I want to thank everyone who did the shoot with me and also to Autumn at Ford for being so awesome!

Shot at Parlay Studios Jersey City.



Hair: Matthew Newman @ Ford Artists
Make-up: Jonny Polizzi
Styling: Denny Balmaceda and Bugz Miranda
Assistant: Joseph Pe



Photoshoot in Barcelona!

June 14, 2011

While I was in Barcelona, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with a model from a modeling agency based in Spain, View Model Management. Since this was a test shoot, I decided to go for very simple and clean shots. Thank you to Ferran (model), Sandra @ View Model Management, and to Giancarlo Corbacho for helping me on the shoot!

Test Shoot with Soul Artist Mgmt’s Kenzie Roth

June 10, 2011

Here is a test shoot I did with Kenzie Roth for Soul Artist Management before I left for Barcelona a few weeks ago. Kenzie has an amazing look, can’t wait to shoot with him again!



Sneak Peek Into: Accessory Designer Larissa Favier’s Lookbook

May 24, 2011

I recently shot for my good friend Larissa Favier, who just graduated from Parsons with her degree is Accessory Design. We did her Fall 2011 look book, which will make its debut online soon! In the meantime here is a shot from shoot featuring Zack Clark of Soul Artist Management. Thank you to Andrew at Soul.

The Beginning of the End

April 20, 2011

While I have been nothing but impatient about leaving FIT, I still am sad that it truly is the end of a crazy time. No more winter breaks, no more summer vacations! Here is the shoot I did for my final senior project. I decided it was time to really push myself creatively and build on my usual style. It took a lot of planning, panic and work, but it really truly paid off. I worked with an amazing team and an amazing agency.

These images will be displayed at the Salt Space Gallery on 25th/5th ave in New York City on May 12th, 6-9pm. Please come and support me and the Senior Photo class of 2011!

Model: Aleksandra Semechkina/Major Models courtesy of Eric G

Male Model: Trent Orvis

Hair: Maggie Joseph

Makeup: Danielle Klatsky

Dress designed by Sunghee Kim

Fashion Week: Sally LaPointe Runway Shots

February 18, 2011

All I have to say is…fantastic clothes. The show was so well planned and executed. You really got the theme and feeling the designer intended on being translated. Loved loved loved it. Thanks to Mao @ Mao PR for this opportunity!

Biggest Shoot In the Making: Behind the Scenes of Thesis Shoot 1

February 9, 2011

Here I am…finally editing the shoot that took a month in the making. Usually I work with the least amount of people and shoot in already existing environments. But this time, I decided to pull all the stops. I started by looking for the location, which is always key for my images. This is probably the hardest part of a shoot as locations usually involve big budgets and that I do not have ha. But thanks to my amazing friend Dany V., I got to shoot in his beautiful penthouse in Battery Park.

From there I got in touch with set/interior designer Abigail Smith, who I had previously worked with on a shoot. I went on to find the perfect models for the shoot and decided to work with Elpha, who I also have worked with before but on a very different shoot. The male casting was the hardest, as I had a very specific look in mind and finding that look was getting impossible. However, I stumbled upon an amazing model, Jeff B., and I finally found the male lead.

I also spoke with an amazing stylist – Giora Stuchiner – who agreed to style the shoot. I think the most frustrating part of the shoot was the inconsistency of hair and make up artists. Every single one either flaked out or just disappeared. But alas, we had Giora who also does hair and make up and he saved us all! Thanks to his friend Danny as well for all his help!

The shoot set up began at 9am and the shoot did not end until about 6pm. We had an amazing team , amazing hosts (thank you Dany and Carlos), and an amazing shoot. Thank you everyone! And thank you God for no snow that day! 🙂

Here is a behind the scenes shot. Stay tuned for the final images soon!

Elpha/Syed Kazmi NYC/© 2011 Syed Kazmi

Elpha/Syed Kazmi NYC/© 2011 Syed Kazmi

2010: My Year In Visual Review

December 27, 2010

Ah…so 2010 is coming to a close and I thought it was time to go through and see what this whirlwind of a year got from me. Between working full-time, taking almost 20 credits at school, and interning, I was happily surprised to see the amount of shoots I did.

2010 was really an experimental year for me. I dived into fashion and forced myself to work with stylists, hair and make up, designers, and models that were not my usual type. In 2009 I did most of my own styling but as much as I liked the control and execution of my vision, I came to find out that it really took away from my photography and drove me a little crazy!!!

I also decided to change the style of my photography a bit. My usual more provocative imagery took a backseat as I tried my hand at fashion. It is something I have always been timid of, but decided that I needed to try my hand at it. While it seemed as a step backward to some, it was more of a missing puzzle piece to me.

I started off the year with a shoot with Canadian model Nathan Lessnick. I love shooting on location, especially when there is no budget and negotiations involved, ha. Poor Nathan agreed to shoot outside even though it was 30 degrees and February. We were lucky and had the sun shining bright. He had to brave the cold for a bit but halfway through I gave him my coat to wear and we used it as part of my “The Villain and His Invisible Dog” shoot.  I am extremely proud of this shoot and I want to thank Nathan Lessnick, Alexandra Frumberg and Identities NYC, and Next Canada for their help!

Nathan Lessnick with his Invisible Dog

Nathan Lessnick with his Invisible Dog

After that shoot, I shot with model Erin Scime. This shot was inspired by a picture taken by Ellen von Unwerth. We shot this on Wall Street.

As I said, I was very timid about working with other people, but I sucked it up and decided to do a studio shoot with stylist Kat Merot. The shoot turned out pretty good, basic but good. I was really happy with his transformation in this shoot. Thanks to model Eric Bell, Taylor at Fusion Models, and Kat Merot.

In March, Vienna landed in NYC. Model Michael Neulinger was visiting the US and we shot by chance one rainy day in NYC. It was a great shoot and I am extremely lucky to have met Michael, as we have since become great friends. Plus, he gave me one of my best pictures!

The year continued on when I shot with two of Empire Models talents in the Meatpacking District. It was a fun shoot, and once again I collaborated with Kat Merot. While I was shooting, the girls looked uncomfortable and I turned around to see that about twenty+ people were surrounding us and watching the shoot! I even have a shot of a guy with a telephoto lens taking a picture of us shooting! Thank you to the models, Jacq at Empire for the quick casting, and Kat Merot and her assistant.

I also shot another Empire Model Alex Erickson. This was an interesting shoot as Alex was very new to modeling and was extremely nervous, but I managed to get him relaxed and he really delivered in this shot, which I love. He was on his elbows on this hard table and was lifting his entire torso up and I could just see him shaking. But the intensity was there and that is all it took!

Spring came along and I decided I needed to shoot something on this ship I discovered called The Frying Pan. I took two models with me and I was floored by the ship. It was creepy and fantastic.Thanks to models and my friends Isaiah Grass and RJ Woessner.

As the school year almost came to a close, I collaborated with the fantastic designer Schuyler Grant. I also got a hair/make up artist for the very first time and realized how much patience it takes ha. She did a great job though. Thanks to the model, Jacq at Empire, designer Schuyler Grant, Reid Erich Schwartz for his help and style tips, Vesta Goodarz for hair and make up, and Alex Frumberg for letting us use her place and roof for the shoot! One of my all time favorite shoots.

In July I met with set designer Abigail Smith and we decided to collaborate on a shoot. We shot in Brooklyn, NY on an extremely hot day in a Victorian house. I have to say, the shoot was not an easy one. We ran into delays, problems, and frustrations. The three models were dying in the heat, as were we and I was extremely disappointed. The two guys were in suits while the girl was in a gown. To this day I feel bad, but it was out of my control. I am, however, extremely happy with the shot that came out of all the pain we all endured ha. Thanks Abigail Smith for designing the sets, her hair and make up team, models Mason James O’Sullivan, Donald Maloney, and Janice Prishwalko and Schuyler Grant for the dress once again.

Late summer, I did a shoot with Alex Frumberg and two models. It was a great day out and we got some nice shots. It was a test shoot for two agencies.

September was a month of a lot of changes. I started my internship with KT Auleta and also the last year of my Bachelors degree. I was invited to the Mik Cire show at Lincoln Center for Fashion Week. It was an amazing experience. Alex Frumberg went with me, of course. 🙂 The best moment was when we were stopped by a press photographer to get our pictures taken for a publications blog and then we were surrounded by several people shooting us paparazzi style!

It was at Fashion Week that I stumbled upon my next subject, Berthold Rothas. He walked the Mik Cire show and I contacted his agency and set up a shoot. I worked with stylist Jillian Donaldson for this and we shot in the Meatpacking on a great October day. Loved the shoot. Thanks to Jillian and Berthold.

In November I chose my friend Erin Kennedy as the subject of my project. We shot a video which I was very happy with, but I really loved these shots. I love transforming people into characters they are not and I think we really nailed it with this one. Fantastic shots. Thank you Erin.

I took an experimental approach and did a shoot with actor David Morton. My whole concern was to make cinematic shots and I think we got some good shots. Here is one. Thank you David for being a sport!It is not easy acting for a still camera!

I also worked with two designers, one a T shirt designer and the other a jewelry designer. I shot for Trent Orvis’ WOOF T-shirt line and for jewelry designer Seville Michelle Anastos.

I also shot a behind the scenes video for Alex Frumberg and again, we almost all froze in the cold weather, but alas, no pain no gain. I had a great time.

Finally, I shot with my friend and jewelry designer Larissa Favier. We shot in extremely cold and windy weather and I really would like to thank model Kemi for being such a good sport. The shoot was great, the accessories were amazing, and the people were great; including the truck driver who took pity upon us and brought us coffee from the trailer that belonged to the real photoshoot going on across the street haha.

Thank you to everyone I worked with this year. I had an amazing time with all of you and I hope 2011 holds even more in store for me!!! Happy New Year!

The Amazing Erin Kennedy: New Shot

November 15, 2010

Here is a shot from the video shoot I did with my friend Erin Kennedy. The whole feel was very disco/70s and I think her look was perfect for this shot. Love it!

Erin/Syed Kazmi

Video Project feat Erin Kennedy

November 5, 2010

So here is a little preview of the video I did with my friend and photographer Erin Kennedy ( I just love this shot from the video. More soon! Thanks Erin!

Erin in my new video project