Presenting: Aleksandra Semechkina and Sunghee Kim

A couple of months ago I decided to start working on the final projects for my thesis. Many ideas came to me, some of which I could do and others I had to sacrifice due to problems such as weather, etc. I did the first two shoots and they came out amazing but some time right after my second shoot, I remembered a shoot idea that I had been thinking about for well over a year and never had the chance to do. Those are the images in my previous post.

Around the same time I had seen a dress that had left me speechless. It was designed by a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and it was absolutely mesmerizing. I knew I had to shoot it somehow. I had no way of reaching her so I got her name and took a shot of the dress to remember it. I managed to track her down online (creepy huh!) and got in touch with her. She happily agreed to do the shoot and I was absolutely ecstatic. Her name is Sunghee Kim.

However, in order to shoot this dress, I needed an amazing model who could capture the essence of the dress and play a part in it. After a  grueling and headache inducing search for a girl, I finally found a model. The model ended up booking a job to my dismay but with it came a blessing in disguise: Aleksandra Semechkina. I have worked with dozens of models, but she has been one of the best. She blew me away with her movement and character.

I am so happy and lucky to have worked with these two ladies. I am so proud of this shoot. Here are some more shots I took of Aleksandra wearing a Sunghee Kim original!

Also, many thanks to Danielle Klatsky and Maggie Joseph for make up and hair (respectively) and Eric at Major!


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