When Two Worlds Collide

Wow…this shoot has been a whirlwind. Not only was the pre-production intense, the shoot itself and post-production and events after the shoot almost made me panic! But, all is well 🙂 . I have to say, I am SO happy with this shoot. And I am also so fortunate to have worked with the team that I worked with. Everything from the set to the clothing, make up and models were perfect. I really could not have done it without the team. My intent with this shoot was to evoke a feeling, an emotion…to convey a story and a to have an undertone of unrest, frustration ,love and passion. I hope it evokes the same feelings in you. More shots coming soon.


Thank you to Mauricio Lemonk for helping pull this shoot together, Giora for his amazing style selections, Abigail Smith for the incredible set, Danny Bass for the additional support with everything and to Elpha and Jeff R (co-managed by Sean Kurzweil of Kurzweil Talent Management and Loftus Burton of Evolution Management). I also want to give a big thanks to my longtime friend Dany V. for letting me shoot at his incredible home. And thank you to Brandon Wickenkamp for help with the retouching!


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