Biggest Shoot In the Making: Behind the Scenes of Thesis Shoot 1

Here I am…finally editing the shoot that took a month in the making. Usually I work with the least amount of people and shoot in already existing environments. But this time, I decided to pull all the stops. I started by looking for the location, which is always key for my images. This is probably the hardest part of a shoot as locations usually involve big budgets and that I do not have ha. But thanks to my amazing friend Dany V., I got to shoot in his beautiful penthouse in Battery Park.

From there I got in touch with set/interior designer Abigail Smith, who I had previously worked with on a shoot. I went on to find the perfect models for the shoot and decided to work with Elpha, who I also have worked with before but on a very different shoot. The male casting was the hardest, as I had a very specific look in mind and finding that look was getting impossible. However, I stumbled upon an amazing model, Jeff B., and I finally found the male lead.

I also spoke with an amazing stylist – Giora Stuchiner – who agreed to style the shoot. I think the most frustrating part of the shoot was the inconsistency of hair and make up artists. Every single one either flaked out or just disappeared. But alas, we had Giora who also does hair and make up and he saved us all! Thanks to his friend Danny as well for all his help!

The shoot set up began at 9am and the shoot did not end until about 6pm. We had an amazing team , amazing hosts (thank you Dany and Carlos), and an amazing shoot. Thank you everyone! And thank you God for no snow that day! 🙂

Here is a behind the scenes shot. Stay tuned for the final images soon!

Elpha/Syed Kazmi NYC/© 2011 Syed Kazmi

Elpha/Syed Kazmi NYC/© 2011 Syed Kazmi


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