A 2010 Vacation

When I started this blog, it was my not intent to start a personal blog. I just wanted to share my photography and write about my experiences with it. But recently I’ve been wanting to write about some other things and I thought to myself, why not! You know me as a photographer, so why not as a person!

To start off, I want to write about my most recent vacation. For the past couple of years, I’ve had this itch to travel and discover new cultures. Last year I went to Montreal, which wasn’t such a different culture but the people were so different. But in a good way!!! So this year I decided to go to the Dominican Republic. A friend and I went to Punta Cana and stayed at a beautiful beach resort, the IFA Villas Bavaro. Our trip started in Newark, NJ at 2:30am. We were sitting there waiting for boarding to begin at United Airways, but nothing of the sort was happening. Come 45 minutes before our flight, we decided to double check our reservations and saw that it wasn’t United but US Airways!!! We ran to the correct gate and boarded our flight. From there we went to North Carolina where we had a freezing 5 hour stay. The airport must have been 55 degrees because everyone was trying to crawl under something to stay warm. I also discovered that Chilli’s makes a bangin’ breakfast burrito! Haha. Too bad most of their chains don’t offer breakfast. From there we went to Punta Cana.

The resort was all inclusive and hosted 7 restaurants, the cuisines ranging from American to Japanese to Mexican and Caribbean. The rooms were spacious and very modern and even came with a bottle of rum (which I did not drink of course!) Haha. The trip started off smoothly enough. We went to the pool, ate. However, two days into the trip my friend decided to throw a hissy fit and got mad at me over something I didn’t even realize. Anyway, we made up etc etc. I also saw lots of ethnic art and was amused, fascinated and awed. I ended up buying a few souvenirs and a gorgeous hand painted painting. The art of negotiation is something commonly practiced there and I managed to get my painting down from about $140 dollars to $45. Not too shabby!

I chose to not bring my pro camera with me since I am very protective of it and didn’t want to risk any damage. My friend and I decided to use his camera and I took half the images. The beach was gorgeous, with turquoise water and white sand. I am particularly happy with one image I took (posted below). The chairs were aligned in a such a way that was very architectural and lead your sight to the horizon. This was not set up by me, I just happened to see it and capture it. Unfortunately, by the end of our trip, my friend and I were not on speaking terms and I still do not have all the images in high quality, including this one. 😦  Hopefully he stop holding it hostage and give it to me someday. Anyway, enough of my trip! Here is the shot!!!

Punta Cana/Syed Kazmi NYC

Punta Cana/Syed Kazmi NYC


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