Lately I’ve been questioning why I’m paying close to $20,000 a year for a school that has such an inconsistent program. It’s great one semester, bad another. And I don’t mean it’s bad or good due to the workload. It’s the lack of motivation and drive that is driving me up the wall. Sometimes I sit and class and I can’t believe I’m sitting in a 3rd year Bachelors degree program.You would think I would be getting motivated and pushed by both professors and students but it really is the opposite. And really it’s such a shame.

I had an incident today where I brought up something I feel and got somewhat of a harsh response from someone who is supposed to help and guide me. That just confuses me. Why is it so bad to suggest or ask something?

Anyway, I’ll leave with this behind the scenes photograph from the last shoot.

Until next time.

From left: Model Hailie (Empire), Kat Mero’s Assistant, Model Ina (Empire), and stylist Kat Mero.


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